LAX Is Building A ‘Celebrity Wing’ So Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Have To Wait With You

BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York - March 25, 2014
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If you’ve been dreaming of running into a celebrity at LAX, you should probably start booking flights now. That’s because the airport has just announced that it’s going to build a very special, very exclusive and very expensive lounge for those that are too rich and famous to stand in line with you at the Cinnabon.

According to Conde Nast Travel, the lounge will cost around $1800 to use (that sounds like each time and not an annual fee), and will allow guests to park in a special private area, wait in peace and comfort in an air-conditioned palace of opulence (I’m just spitballing here) and then get driven directly to their gate on a special shuttle, which I think is code for one of those golf cart things they drive people around on. Other amenities, including food and entertainment, have not yet been confirmed, but if you’re rich enough to be dropping $1800 for a fancy waiting room, you’re probably not going to have to be too worried about having your needs catered to.

Yes, the news is sad—especially for TMZ—but the good news is that celebrities will still take the same planes as you do, so you can continue to gape at them slack-jawed as you walk past first class (why do they never board first class last for comfort and minimal gawking?) and pretend you’re totally not freaking out about squeezing past Taylor Swift and the 27 friends who accompany her at all times.

(Via CNT)