This Little Girl’s Lemonade Has The Most Disgusting Secret Ingredient

Listen, if you’re buying lemonade from a child, you know that what you’re about to get is either something absolutely disgusting (cost: five cents, made by child) or something pretty okay (cost: three dollars, obviously manufactured by parents). You also know, unless you’re an official inspector trying to shut down the lemonade stand for functioning without a license, not to ask too many questions. Just drink your damn lemonade and be on your way. Well, unless you’re buying it from this little girl…whose secret ingredient is her own precious lemonade-flavored spit, lovingly filtered through her dirty little kid mouth and expelled right back into the jar. You know, just for texture.

My favorite part of this video, besides, of course, the fact that someone probably did drink some of this lemonade, is that the little girl in question knows that her refreshing beverage tastes a little off when she tries it. But being a good businesswoman, she doesn’t want to let anyone know that. Nor does she want to adulterate the flavor of her beverage with more sugar or lemon. So, what’s she going to do? She’s going to spit in it. And then she’s going to call it delicious and sell it. And 30 years from now? She’ll be running for president.