LP Giobbi Shares Her Ultimate Travel Guide To Chicago

LP Giobbi has got it going on. The global dance music superstar and activist recently united with rising UK producer Redfield and multi-faceted artist DJ Rae to release the new track “Waiting,” a rapturous new house single that comes via Diplo’s tastemaking imprint Higher Ground.

“Waiting” follows a sizzling past few months for LP Giobbi, as she released her debut album Light Places via Counter Records, launched her own label imprint called Yes Yes Yes, embarked on an international headlining tour, and most recently, released an official remix for the one and only Taylor Swift. (She also seems to have been at every festival Uproxx went to this whole past year.)

While originally from Eugene, Oregon and currently residing in Austin, Texas, Giobbi treks around to bring her feel-good and electrifying piano-accompanied house music to sold-out crowds around the world. It only makes sense then that Chicago – the city that helped pioneer house music – would be on her radar as a travel destination whenever she has the opportunity. Currently on a massive tour, LP Giobbi will head back to the Windy City for two sold-out nights – December 2nd at Concord Music Hall and December 3rd at Headquarters Beercade for a special “Funky Brunch.”

To prepare for Giobbi’s ecastic return to Chicago, she’s built a personalized guide on where to stay, eat, and party in Chicago.

Where To Stay

lp giobbi

I would of course wake up at W Hotels Lakeshore. As their Global Music Director, I do a lot of traveling but I always usually stay at W Hotels in various cities. W Chicago Lakeshore is stunning because it’s right on the waterfront and has amazing views.

Morning Kickoff


I really drink anything that’s caffeinated. I don’t have a specific spot for coffee in the city but I would likely try to get an almond milk latte with three shots of espresso. Almond milk doesn’t usually get that foamy but I always try to push that limit haha.

I like to walk along the water, there’s a beautiful running and bike path outside of the hotel. It helps kick start my day to get a walk in and then I’d likely extend my walk over to my brother’s house to hang out with my two nieces, who are two and six. They’re the cutest ever and are becoming quite the singers, performing duets for our family. Crushing it already.

Best Lunch Spot


My family and I always hit up Portillo’s. They’re famous for their beef dip sandwiches, something a little different than your usual Chicago hot dog staple. It’s truly an institution there. In fact, when my parents are in Chicago, they eat out there for almost every meal. It’s great for a treat. Although I must say, I do sometimes get their hot dog and I don’t always get it “Chicago Style.” (Sorry Chicagoans) I like to just put a lot of ketchup on it.

My parents torture me for that though.

Afternoon Hang


To walk off the food, I would go to The Bean. The park there is really beautiful to just stroll around and obviously, it’s one of the famous spots in Chicago. It’s also right next to my brother’s house so it’s a great activity for all my friends and family.

When I’m visiting the city, my brother and I also like to order this really famous deep-dish pizza from Giordanos. I get pineapple Canadian bacon but nobody else in my family likes that so I usually have to get a personal pizza. My family loves the meat lover’s pizza. But pineapple can certainly (and should) go on pizza.

I’m also not that much of a sports fan (maybe besides the Denver Nuggets) but I am a Wrigley Field fan. That place has a lot of rich history with The Grateful Dead and Dead & Co. I fell in love when my parents took me there when I was young and there was a pretty intense ending to the game where it was tied and there was a “pickle,” so the runner was going back and forth. I remember the stadium exploding with energy when the Cubs player made it and won the game. So I actually love going back there for a Chicago Cubs game. Or even going to a Chicago Bulls Game. I grew up in the Jordan era.

Then I would certainly try to take a little “disco nap” so I can play throughout the night.

Best Nightlife Scene


I’d start off the night at Kingston Mines. It’s the largest and oldest continuously operating blues club in Chicago. Then I would head to Smartbar. Chicago is a pioneering city of house music. Smartbar is THE staple of where house music started, it has a long history with The Blessed Madonna and Derrick Carter who used to be resident DJs there. They have an amazing event every Sunday there called Queen! that is extra special. It’s such a safe, wonderful space for the queer community.

Drink Of Choice Going Out

I only sometimes drink alcohol — when I do it’s usually always a glass of white wine. A Savagnin blanc for sure, anything but Chardonnay. I like to be a bougie bitch at the club. I only really drink red wine before bed.