11-Year-Old Food Critic ‘Luca Two Times’ Tells Us Where To Eat In Brooklyn


When most people think of food critics, they think of people like Ruth Reichl and Pete Wells, who have authority granted them by years spent covering restaurants around the world. What they don’t conjure is the image of an 11-year-old boy from Brooklyn who delivers his opinion via Instagram videos recorded on his mom’s phone. Well, maybe they should. Luca Marconi — known on Instagram as @LucaTwoTimes — has more than 10,000 followers who are stoked to hear what he has to say about the restaurants he frequents with his family.

We were pretty excited too (this kid’s enthusiasm is amazing), so we reached out to Luca and asked him to share his favorite meals in Brooklyn, where he lives. He started with some staples that reflect his Italian heritage (the family visits Italy every summer), but there are a few multi-cultural surprises in here, as well. As he has done for the last year, the genuinely sweet food reviewer shared what makes a dish a standout in his opinion.

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Frost Restaurant

So starting really close by my house, is Frost. Really nice place. I suggest their chicken Francaise. It’s really nice. The sauce is beautiful. It’s like a chicken Francaise, but it’s not the chicken Francaise you get from anywhere else. It’s like really valuable — a nice savory, salty, flavorful sauce.


My actual favorites on this list are Patrizia’s moneybags. I’ve been going there since I was five or even smaller. Their moneybags have just been top notch. I could go to Italy and not get better moneybags than I could over there. The ricotta inside, the beautiful sauce at the outside. It’s a vodka sauce. Really you can’t get that anywhere else. I’m tellin’ you.

Carmine’s Pizzeria

I actually have a funny story about this one. One day I was going to Carmine’s with my uncle, He said, “You wanna go get a pizza?” Yeah sure. And I ordered the seafood risotto. It’s like everything you get on a plate that you find in Italy’s water. Some calamari. You got shrimp. It’s like the right amount of seafood they get from Italy. It comes with rice. You know every kid loves rice. I mean, I love it.

L’industrie Pizzeria

This right here, L’industrie’s burrata pizza. Listen, I’ve had pizza before, but that’s the best pizza I’ve ever had in New York. Like the best pizza; it’s really good. But that burrata pizza, oh my God… with the prosciutto. The prosciutto is nice and fatty. The burrata, it’s the way you like it. The pizza dough, it’s incredible. Probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. My brother disagrees with me. He did not want to taste it. I actually made my brother try it for the first time on Friday. He says he doesn’t like it.