Stuff Your Belly Right For National Mac & Cheese Day

Today is National Mac & Cheese Day, which is obviously cause for a celebration involving a whole lot of pasta and even more cheese. If you think this is the perfect time to pull that box of glow-in-the-dark Kraft stuff from the back of your pantry, just stop. Stop. Get out your car keys, do a Yelp search, and find a premium bowl of mac & cheese — the likes of which your taste buds have never experienced before.

(That said, if you happen to be a kid stranded at home, feel free to whip up the boxed stuff. But at least look to these dishes for inspiration to snazz it up, Kevin!)

For The Person Who Wants To Relive The Simple Days Of Childhood

Homemade Ricotta Cavatelli, Gracie’s (Providence, RI)

If you’re a fan of the much softer take on mac & cheese that is shells and peas (wow, that even rhymes!), check out Gracie’s for Executive Chef Matthew Varga’s take on the classic. English peas, wild mushrooms, and carrots meet creamy cheese sauce and handmade cavatelli pasta. Or, as you called it when you were six, mini shells.

For The Person Who Will Try Anything With The Word “Artisanal” In It

Macaroni & Cheese, Yardbird Southern Table and Bar, Swine Southern Table and Bar, Spring Chicken (Miami, FL)

First introduced at Yardbird, the immensely popular Macaroni & Cheese dish (no fancy names here) is now available at its two sister restaurants. This isn’t any normal mac & cheese, though. First of all, it’s made with torchio pasta, which is sort of…torch-shaped. As for the cheese — yeah, it’s artisanal. All five varieties of it. To top off the whole dish? A crispy herb crust.

For The Eurosnob Who Can’t Decide Whether To Travel To Paris Or Amsterdam This Year

Creamy Brie Mac N’ Cheese, Street’s Fine Chicken (Dallas, TX)

Why bother choosing between the Netherlands and France, when you can have the finest of both countries in one tasty dish? Street’s Fine Chicken’s mac & cheese is made with smoked Gouda and creamy Brie and it comes baked to perfection. We’re betting it costs less than a plane ticket anyway.