If You Like Bacon Or Booze, The Results Of This Study Are Going To Suck For You


Bacon has moved on from simply being a food product that was mostly served with breakfast to a food phenomenon. Essentially, bacon tastes great with just about everything from sweets to the savoriest of dishes and everything in between. It’s difficult to go anywhere now without seeing bacon all over the menu. The western world loves its pig fat because it’s delicious.

Sadly, just like with everything else that we love, its underlying intent is not to brighten up our lives, but instead to shred us apart from the inside and lead us to an untimely grave. Yes, we all kinda get that bacon isn’t great for us, but it turns out that bacon is probably worse for us than we had earlier imagined, and really, we already knew it wasn’t great for us. Honest.

A new study, reported by NBC News, shows us just how dangerous some of our more comfortable vices can be for our health. Apparently both bacon and alcohol are incredibly detrimental to our health, and just like obesity, those two vices have been shown to lead to stomach cancer. In fact, it’s downright scary that stuff like alcohol and bacon can be as bad for a person as being obese.

“Obesity is now linked to 11 types of cancer and we want Americans to know there are steps everyone can take for cancer prevention and better health, like eating more vegetables, beans, fruits and other plant foods along with squeezing in a few more steps every day,” said Alice Bender of the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), which conducted the study.

In fact, the study notes that eating 1.8 ounces of processed meat a day, which is likened to about a hot dog, can raise the risk of stomach cancer by 18%. Yes, that’s right, 18%. So worry about your health, everybody. Indulge in some of the finer things in life, but in moderation, because those few, fleeting moments of bacon bliss aren’t worth suffering through cancer later on, especially if we can prevent it.

(Via NBC News)