Here’s How To Make The Most Iconic Food From ‘South Park’

Just like he did with the food of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, everyone’s favorite internet chef Binging With Babish (aka Andrew Rea) is back to take on the most memorable food from South Park. And, no, it’s not Cheesy Poofs. This time, he’s taking on “Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls,” “Cartman’s Chili,” and “Randy’s Frittata.”

Check it out:

Babish based his initial recipe for these iconic balls on the song that Chef sang in the famous episode. He began by pouring two tablespoons of cinnamon into a bowl before adding two (or three egg whites), and melted butter. Because Chef says so, Babish stirred it with a wooden spoon. Apparently, that’s a really important part of the recipe. He then added a cup of flour while repeating lines from the song, “You’ll be in heaven soon. I think that’s how it goes.”

Surprisingly, the recipe calls for zero salt and, once they come out of the oven, the treats look a lot more like cookies than balls and taste like “old school, Italian grandma cookies. But not in a good way.” But that’s not for a lack of trying. Babish attempted several different recipes before settling on this one, which was both the most edible and the closest to the dessert Chef made on the show.

“Wait,” you might be saying, “I get the balls, but what about the chili? Doesn’t that require an actual sacrifice for maximum deliciousness?” Fortunately, Babish decided not to go out and kill someone in order to stay true to the source material. Instead, he cooked with pork, which, he points out, is allegedly closest to the taste of human flesh. We’ll trust him on that one. If you’re a purist, though, the chili also contains lots of peppers, so if you want to go for authenticity, make it real hot and then lick the tears off your victim’s face. Just like Cartman! No human flesh required! (Also, Radiohead probably won’t be there, either.)

And if the balls and the chili don’t satisfy your hunger, there’s always Randy’s Frittata, which actually looks really good. Just remember: When serving, don’t forget the crème fraiche. It wouldn’t be “Randy’s Frittata” without the crème fraiche.