McDonald’s New Activity Tracker Has Already Been Recalled For Allegedly Giving Kids Painful Rashes

Just yesterday, we reported on McDonalds’ plan to try and mitigate the Happy Meal’s health effects by giving kids step trackers to make them more aware of their movement. It seemed like a noble, if a bit half-hearted, idea, but unfortunately for Mickey D’s, the low costs of Happy Meal toys have undone their efforts.

Ad Age reports the activity trackers, which just hit the market, are being pulled for causing skin problems. It’s not clear exactly why, but something cheap and plastic causing injury isn’t exactly unheard of. You might remember back in 2007 about multiple reports of flip-flops in Wal-Mart causing severe skin irritation, thanks to something in the plastic. It’s not clear if it was a chemical burn or an allergen that somehow wound up in the plastic, but either way, ouch. Could this be the same reason kids are getting rashes? That’s so unfair. Not only are kids now itching all over the place, but they don’t even have a toy to show for it. Apple slices won’t fix that!

Don’t expect McDonald’s to quit trying to reform its image, though. Revenue is down and the chain will go as far as offering delivery to get customers back. Of course, if the company wants to combine bringing people to McDonalds with walking around a lot, all it really has to do is fire up that Pokémon Go promotion rumor that keeps circulating. Hey, it would pair well with their walk-thru lane.

(Via Ad Age)