Muffin Tops Are The Latest Addition To McDonald’s Breakfast Menu


Why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day when brunch is on the table will never fail to puzzle the great minds of our time. Look, until breakfast comes with a cocktail, there is no contest, no matter what your doctor says. But the execs at McDonald’s aren’t going to stop fighting on the front lines despite a weakening in the U.S. market share, which the brand lays at the feet of lost breakfast customers.

The big push to keep people loading up on griddle cakes and hash browns came with the 2015 announcement of all-day brekkie. Now, they have a new item they hope will get customers back in the breakfast mood: muffin toppers.

Bloomberg reports breakfast sales have traditionally been a lock for the fast food giant with these menu items accounting for 25 percent of domestic sales. But, the news of muffin tops won’t have the water cooler buzzing with talk of profitable morning sales at Mickey Ds. Nope. Instead, brace yourself for tons of callback jokes to that 1997 Seinfeld episode with the muffin top bakery named “Top of the Muffin to You!” Folks at the office will certainly default to Must See TV from the 90s when they chat about the 160-calorie blueberry, lemon poppyseed, and double chocolate muffin tops (and coffee cake) that are available at select Baltimore McD’s locations.

There is no way Shannon from Human Resources won’t reference Elaine Benes’ dilemma about what happens to the stumps. Be prepared. Have a humorous response ready, or try hitting her with a more recent reference to the dance-pop/techno hybrid song “Muffin Top” from 30 Rock. We heard she loves Tina Fey.

In addition to the muffin top scheme, McDonald’s is also testing out $2 cold brew coffee and breakfast catering, a service available in 195 Florida locations. For instance, if you were down for the “Weekend Warrior” and lived in the big FL, you could score three Egg McMuffins, three hotcake-and-sausage platters, and six hash browns for a gathering of your favorite friends.

These ideas may resurrect breakfast traffic with a vengeance, but let’s be real, if you are eating at McDonald’s with regularity, you are getting a muffin top for free. Bazinga! Try that line out on Shannon.