Here’s Where You Can Eat For Free On National Burger Day

05.28.17 11 months ago 7 Comments


There’s no food more American than a greasy, cheesy, beefy burger. According to legend, the burger was invented in 1900 by Louis Lassen at his restaurant Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut. Whether or not Lassen invented the burger is still up for debate, but, the restaurant is still there to this day and the American fascination with the burger has never waned, spawning one of the best holidays anyone’s ever thought of: National Burger Day.

Want in on the action? This Sunday, restaurants from California to New York will be running amazing deals on every kind of burger you can think of. And we want to help you get in on all that. Check out the deals below!

To celebrate the holiday, all dine-in customers can get one free full-size Standard or Farmstead burger from 3-6 p.m. at any of its 43 locations.

Burger King
In honor of the Burger Day, Burger King is offering buy-one-get-one free Whoppers when you download the Burger King app.

Carl’s Jr.
The popular burger chain is running a buy-one-get-one-free offer to celebrate. Buy one of its new Baby Back Rib Burgers and get one free with this coupon. If you can’t make it today, this deal is on until June 1st.

Stop by any Chili’s location and get a ‘3 For Me’ meal that includes a burger, chips (or a salad), and a Mini Molten Cake. You don’t even need a coupon to get this deal.

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