Chef Roy Choi And Jon Favreau Are Teaming Up For A New Food Show


Netflix started its annual food FYSEE event with a bang in Hollywood this weekend. In a massive studio full of industry professionals, Antoni Porowski (of Queer Eye) took the stage to tease a special announcement. Then, before anyone could guess what that surprise announcement could be, Porowski invited chef Roy Choi and director Jon Favreau to the stage. There were audible gasps and an eruption of applause.

Jon Favreau took the lead while Chef Choi beamed at the audience. He and Choi worked together side-by-side for a long spell during the making of Favreau’s much-lauded film The Chef. But the film ended, and the two new friends went their separate ways — much to their mutual chagrin, according to the duo. But they leaned on their mutual love to occasionally reconnect by cooking food for their friends. Thus, Netflix’s newest food show, The Chef Show, was born.

Favreau told the crowd that he had decided to start filming the gatherings in their homes (and homes of their pals) and eventually, a show formed. After he spoke, the trailer played to an enthusiastic crowd.

Basically, the show is Choi and Favreau hanging with a rogue’s gallery of celebrity friends, chatting and cooking. Flashes of comedian Bill Burr, director Robert Rodriguez, the YouTube star of Binging with Babish, and Gwyneth Paltrow flickered throughout the trailer — alongside shots of glorious looking food. It’s food meets celebrity talk show through the lens of two close friends who truly love food, which feels like a big win for Netflix’s food line up. And once we saw the trailer, we couldn’t wait to dive in.

The Chef Show drops on June 7th on Netflix.