The Dramatic Findings Behind The White Stripes In Chicken Meat

02.07.17 1 year ago 11 Comments


When someone can’t place a flavor, there’s a reason the say, “it tastes like chicken.” That’s because everyone knows what chicken tastes like. If you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ve eaten your fair share of chicken. In fact, you’ve probably eaten more chicken in your life than any other meat. According to the National Chicken Council, in 2015, just under 9 billion broiler chickens and 40 billions pounds of chicken meat were consumed in the United States. That’s a whole lot of finger lickin’ chicken goodness.

We eat way more than the other two most popular proteins: beef and pork. Mostly because we just assume it contains less fat and more lean protein than other available meat sources. For years, we have been told to limit our red meat intake for fear of getting certain cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Well, we might have to start paying better attention the chicken we eat. It might not actually be as healthy as we thought — a real bummer to chicken McNugget fans.

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