A Completely Subjective Power Ranking Of Oreo Flavors Based On Their Weirdness

03.06.17 2 years ago 12 Comments


It’s National Oreo Day! And while I’m sure most of you are scrambling for a last minute card for the missus (How could you forget AGAIN, Bob? And I got you those hand made Oreo cuff links you wanted and EVERYTHING), here at Uproxx we’re musing over the absolutely crazy amount of flavors that Oreo has out on the market, and that’s not even counting all of the limited editions that have come and gone. (We’ll always pour one out for you, DQ Blizzard Creme and Strawberry Milkshake. You gave it your best shot, boys. You rest easy now. We’ll look in on the wife and kids here and there. Make sure Tommy knows how to throw a ball. Don’t you worry.).

So in honor of this great holiday (one that we’ll always say MERRY OREO DAY for; None of that PC “Happy Cookies” bullshit), we thought we’d rank the Oreo flavors from least weird to really, really weird. Not that we’re judging you if you’re into that kind of thing. If you’re okay with stool that’s bright pink, that’s entirely up to you and your God. And maybe your physician. We recommend calling a physician…

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