Pabst Dropped A 10MG Cannabis-Infused Seltzer, Here’s Our Stoned Review

Late last year, Pabst dropped cannabis-infused seltzer water. Way back then (felt like a lifetime ago!) we drank one and then quickly drank another — in part, because it was November 2020, the pandemic was raging, votes were still being counted, and sh*t was grim. But also because it was only formulated with 5mg of THC, which, for a regular smoker, is practically a microdose. 5mg of THC was just not doing it for us back then.

Now, with the country opening up, and parties and hanging out with friends being a thing again, we fear 5mg is really not going to do it for us for a whole different reason. So it’s a good thing that Pabst Labs just dropped High Seltzer, their new 10mg version of their cannabis-infused lemon seltzer water. For this expression, Pabst is doubling down on the THC and we’re setting out to see how that changes the experience.

Let’s get to drinking!

Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzer Lemon

Dane Rivera

THC: 10mg

CBD: < 2mg

Calories: 25

Sugar: 4g

Price: $7 (single can) $24.99 (4-pack)

The Seltzer

If you’re familiar with Pabst’s 5mg Original Lemon cannabis-infused seltzer, the 10mg High Seltzer is essentially the same thing. Same CBD content, calories, and sugar amount. The only difference is the High Seltzer version features an additional 5mg of THC — but that double dose doesn’t make the thing taste more herbal, or influence the flavor in any way, which is a good thing!

As far as lemon-flavored seltzers go, this is your standard fare, it’s citrus-forward and crisp without being too sweet, and because this is a standard seltzer and not a hard seltzer, its remarkably transparent — making it ideal for mixing in a cocktail. Which would turn it into a hard seltzer sure, but you can get a pretty fun crossfade going. Be careful if you’re not experienced ingesting THC though.

A zesty lemon flavor will stick to your tongue once you’ve crushed the can, but not in an obtrusive or overbearing way. Overall in the flavor department, Pabst hit the nail on the head. This is a good lemon seltzer, regardless of the THC content.

Another thing the High Seltzer shares with the OG formulation is the price, and at $24.99 for a four-pack, the value is better here. A big gripe we had with the original was that for people with a higher THC tolerance, you’d need to drink at least two cans just to get a decent head change. Now, all it takes is one can to feel a noticeable high, and since it’s stronger and more concentrated, that high is hitting you a lot faster. It’s a subtle difference but overall the effects are more pronounced with a single 10mg can than they would be with two 5mg cans, and a lot less exhausting to consume.

High Seltzer is also sold as a single can for $7. You would never buy a single can of the 5mg dose, the value just isn’t there. $7 for a single is still a little steeper than we’d like it, $5 would’ve been the Goldilocks zone, which is what Lagunita’s Hi-Fi Hops Reverb will cost you, and it’s also formulated with 10mg of THC. Here you’re paying a little more here for a less complex lemon flavor over the citrusy goodness of hops — that feels a bit unfair.

So from a value perspective, we’re going to say go ahead and grab that four-pack over a single. And good news: unlike the 5mg formulation, this one can be shared with friends!

The High

This time around I made sure to time myself. I wasn’t trying to kill a can immediately, but drink it at the pace one might drink it at if they were at a party or a Memorial Day BBQ with friends. It took me 18 minutes to finish a single can, and by the end of it, I was already feeling lightness in my hands and fingers. Over the next two minutes, a wave of tingles started radiating through my body, and then… I lost track of time. That’s a good sign! By the time I remembered, I was supposed to keep track of my experience, a full hour had passed, and then I was met with a pleasantly surprising subtle comedown.

The comedown wasn’t too heavy, I didn’t feel sluggish or burnt out, I simply felt normal. As a professional weed writer, I get stoned a lot — so I can’t speak for how long the duration will last for someone who only engages with THC occasionally — but I can say that whether you’re a heavy or light user, you’ll definitely feel the high with a single 10mg can. I also never felt the need to have more than one, like with the 5mg version, but I’d still love an even higher formulation.

Like the 5mg formulation, I’m going to go ahead and suggest experienced stoners mix this with a bit of gin and a twist of lime. Since you won’t be killing a single can in one cocktail, the effects won’t be too overwhelming and you’ll have that sweet crossfade going. Just make sure to drink water if you go that route.

The Bottom Line

In every way an improvement over Pabst’s 5mg formulation. Strong enough for experienced smokers to feel, fast-acting, but not so strong that the effects are going to dominate your day. Still, we’re going to go ahead and ask: Pabst, please deliver a 20mg formulation, we can handle it!