A Visual Tour Of Anthony Bourdain’s Travels In Oman On ‘Parts Unknown’

Life Writer

Instagram/Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain has been hitting some seriously far-flung corners of the world this season on ‘Parts Unknown.’ All week we were wondering how or even if Bourdain could top his last episode where he trekked across Antarctica. Well, this week did not disappoint on that front.

Bourdain made his way to Oman for a beautifully shot episode that explored an often overlooked corner of the Arabian Peninsula. The show came with a fascinating primer full of Omani bullet points — giving us viewers a little purchase on what Oman’s all about. Then Bourdain dived into the food and culture of a country that’s not on too many people’s radars. What Bourdain shows us in this week’s ‘Parts Unknown’ is a country full of brightness, progress, and wonder.

Let’s dive right into the episode.


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