These Photos From Burning Man 2019 Might Fill You With Wanderlust

The three-day Labor Day weekend has come to an end, and while most of us are returning to our rigorous weekly schedules of work or school, as you read this there are still plenty of people packing up and departing Black Rock City, aka the (in)famous Burning Man playa. Leftover beers and BBQ from the weekend in your fridge are one thing, but mutant freak vehicles and post-apocalyptic desert hippie fashion is a whole other vibe and we don’t blame you if you’re feeling a heavy cloud of envy at the thought of what people are got up to at this year’s Burn.

This year’s festivities came ahead of some sweeping changes to the ticket selling policy made by the Burning Man Organization in an effort to combat social media influencers seeking to commodify the Black Rock City culture. But despite a slight reduction in available tickets, Burning Man 2019 appears to have been no less epic than the year’s proceeding it.

If you spent Labor Day scouring Twitter you no doubt heard about Flume’s trending NSFW Burning Man salad toss moment. While we don’t have pictures of that, what we do have are the best photos uploaded to Instagram by anyone so thirsty for likes that they spent their first post-Playa day on their phones. Make your weekend last a little longer and jump into this visual tour through Black Rock City.