How Singer María Isabel And Designer Karly Kenyon Channel Their Creativity Using Pinterest

Creativity comes in many forms — painting, cooking, writing poetry, you name it. And if there’s one place to find inspiration for your next project, it’s on Pinterest. Full of recipes, DIY crafts, #OOTD style tips, dreamy photos that deserve a spot on your vision board, and basically everything in between, the platform is shifting the next generation’s mindset — creating opportunities to discover, experiment, and learn something new. More than that, Pinterest is becoming a hub for culture-creators to pursue all of their passions, championing users to silence their own inner critics, overcome their fears of failure, and just do.

That’s why singer-songwriter María Isabel turned to the platform when she decided to pick up a new hobby: sewing. As someone who’s never threaded a needle, she teamed up with Karly Kenyon, a self-taught fashion designer, for some expert guidance, using Pinterest’s platform to help make her idea happen. The challenge? To create her very own shirt from scratch. Pinterest provided the tools to pursue her goal — and gave her the motivation to do it.

“I’m excited to try something new,” María Isabel said. “I feel like Pinterest is a safe space where I can explore and see what I want to do without anyone else seeing it necessarily before I’m ready for them to. It really feels like a brainstorming platform.”

So, was the final result an ensemble worthy of a fit pic on the ‘gram? To see how the musician’s first attempt at sewing turned out, check out our full video above. You might even gain some inspiration for yourself!