Little Caesars Wants To Fulfill Your Brisket-Smothered Pizza Dreams

We don’t think anyone has ever accused Litter Caesars of having the best pizza on earth. Crazy Bread aside, it’s more famous for being the place where you spend $5 while very stoned. Little Caesars has been keenly aware of this for awhile now and their newest menu item — the “Smokehouse Pizza” — seems to underscore the point.

The Smokehouse combines BBQ’d brisket with pizza. Which…Fine, it’s a solid idea. We’re not going to be the “anti-brisket” outlet. America just doesn’t need that in these divisive times. From the look of things, the pizza is barbecued brisket heaped on top of a cheese pizza with a “smokehouse-seasoned” crust! Oh, and that brisket isn’t alone on the pie. It’s mixed with pulled pork and applewood smoked bacon just in case one greasy meat slathered in sweet BBQ sauce wasn’t enough for you and your hardened arteries.

People across the south have been hyped about the test roll out, buzzing about it on their social media feeds. Given that love for the product, don’t be surprised if this one makes it to Little Caesars menus nationwide soon.

So how does it taste? Well, these tweets sum it up nicely…

(Via Chew Boom)

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