This Pizza Shop Owner Wants To Trade XL Pizzas For Guns

08.26.16 3 years ago 12 Comments

One of the most controversial and urgent issues facing our nation today is gun control. With an unprecedented number of mass shootings taking place in the last decade, the rights discussed in the second amendment have generated ongoing conversation and pressing political debate. A handful of different tactics have been used to ignite change among lawmakers, including an onslaught of celebrity pleas, shared personal stories, and a congressional sit-in. And yet, we somehow remain at an agonizing standstill. Which is why one business owner in Indiana is taking matters into his own hands to get guns off the streets.

Donald Dancy is the owner of D&C Pizza in Indianapolis, and he recently came up with an idea which he hopes will make an impact on the dangerous neighborhood that surrounds his business. Dancy is offering free extra large pizzas in exchange for illegal guns. He understands that the cost of a gun is way higher than a pizza pie, but he genuinely believes there are people who would participate in his cheesy promotion.

Dancy, who has owned D&C Pizza for more than thirty years, told Fox59 that around his business, “It is like a war zone. It is not getting any better.” He also said, “I can see kids 14 through 18 coming in here and buying a pizza and their guns fall out.” While it sounds like things around D&C Pizza are pretty dangerous, it also sounds like Dancy might be onto something. Especially if other organizations in the neighborhood get on board once the police okay Dancy’s plan.

Even if some kids do it just to be funny or get on the news, like Dancy told WTHR, that’s still one less gun on the street and it could very well mean at least one life saved. Pizza as the gateway to solving a massive societal ill? Seems reasonable.

(Via Fox)

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