Pizza Hut Is Upping Their Game With Beer-Infused Crust

beer pizza

Have you ever started eating a pizza from Pizza Hut only to feel like there was a flavor missing? Well then do we have some news for you. As the latest crazy idea in their endless line of crazy food products, Pizza Hut is testing what a beer-infused pizza crust tastes like and whether or not it will be a winner with customers. In the grand scheme of things, this idea probably lands somewhere between triple-decker boxes and that time a New Zealand branch made crusts out of tater tots. This definitely ranks multiple steps higher than the bread stick crust experiment. How pedestrian!

For those in the US that are getting excited about the possibility of tasting a pizza crust that has the vague flavor of hops, there is some bad news. At this time the only franchise that is undertaking this very important scientific procedure is located in England. According to Eater,

Patrons who dine in at the restaurant on Friday and mention the secret phrase to their server — “I like it hop” — will get a free taste of pizza that features craft beer as an ingredient in the dough. Two flavors are reportedly on the menu — the steak feast and American hot — though no details on what goes into either were immediately available. Kathryn Austin, Pizza Hut’s director of marketing, told the Mirror the idea was inspired by the rising popularity of craft beer.

So not only is the idea hair brained, but a nauseating catch phrase is required to receive the pizza in the first place. It is not surprising that the inspiration came from the current wave of craft beer obsessives, but based on previous fast food joints that got in trouble for not disclosing food ingredients they might want to release how that beer flavor gets added. Furthermore, the location claims they “took many hours to perfect the recipe and flavor combinations.” How many hours does it take to get to “many”? Only a minimum of three or four, right? This was definitely whipped up during a team building activity one afternoon and you won’t convince me otherwise. It’s probably best to just keep things normal and drink a beer with your pizza like everyone else.

(via Eater)