Pizza Hut Really, Really Wants You To Try Their New Pan Pizza Today

Pizza Hut

We hope you’re hungry today because between all the Memorial Day leftovers and the free food for National Hamburger Day, we have more food than even we know what to do with. Today, Pizza Hut will unveil a brand new recipe for their Original Pan styled pizza and — to mark the occasion — they’re offering a large 2-topping Original Pan Pizza for just $7.99 when you order online. So I guess we’re all having pizza for dinner.

The new recipe comes after a three-year innovation process, which, damn — it better be f*cking amazing if it took them three years to figure out how to make a pan pizza better than what they’ve already been selling us. The Original Pan Pizza first debuted four decades ago and the recipe has remained unchanged for better or worse since then, so we suppose this means the new recipe is kind of like the pie’s mid-life crisis. Pizza Hut, you sell pizza. We’re going to think you’re beautiful regardless, you don’t need to get work done to keep us psyched about melted cheese on bread.

Now, to ensure maximum outer-crispiness, the new Original Pan will be baked on a newly engineered pan and topped with a special blend of cheese and sauce. The result, Pizza Hut suggests, will be the perfect marriage of crispy butter crust and a soft and chewy inner. Here is to hoping Pizza Hut isn’t about to have a New Coke situation on their hands.