The New ‘Stranger Things’ Teaser Heralds The Return Of New Coke

05.21.19 3 months ago

If you’re still complaining about how Game of Thrones ended — stop. Seriously, while things may not have panned out the way we all thought they should in our heads (or you know, how the previous nine seasons suggested they might) when people go as far as signing a petition to get the last season changed, something that will never happen anyway, we all just look like ungrateful brats.

Besides, when have complaints screamed at a multi-national company ever resulted in change? Oh right, Coca-Cola.

If you’ve ever spent time looking at a Coke can (a personal hobby of mine) you may have noticed the words “Original Formula” gracing the label. This isn’t just a marketing move to suggest Coca-Cola’s long-running history, it’s a promise. Back in the summer of ’85, the company tried to introduce New Coke which everyone hated about as much as the Game of Thrones finale. Letter writing and phone campaigns ensued. It was a PR nightmare. The new formula relied on synthetic vanilla, rather than the real stuff — which was dramatically cheaper and tested better with focus groups. (Side note: the pivot caused a panic in Madagascar’s vanilla industry so dramatic that it led to a massive economic collapse. Luckily for the Malagasy, the new formula was detested by fans and the economy of Madagascar recovered.)

Nobody has thought about New Coke since the 80s — before many of us were even born — which means it’s ripe for a nostalgic call back, and who are the current kings of nostalgia? The Duffer Brothers.


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