All The Best National Hamburger Day Deals For Today’s Lunch And Dinner

05.28.19 2 months ago


We are truly spoiled. Sure, the world might be ending or whatever, but we just had a nice, long three-day weekend, and now we’re getting a day full of free burgers! Today is National Hamburger Day, which should honestly come after every weekend from here until the end of time. If you woke up today craving a salad or something healthy because you stuffed yourself on barbecued meats and beer, you’re going to have to hold out just one more day.

Unless you don’t like free burgers, in which case. Get lost.

Summer is the season of indulgence. Parties, road trips, vacationsnow is the time to live it up before the weather turns cold again and we start arguing about politics or whatever we do to keep heated in those cold and boring ass months. Here are all the best food deals for National Hamburger Day to get you fed on the cheap!

Bareburger — At Bareburger you can take advantage of a BOGO deal on the American or Vegan Golden State burger between 3 and 6 pm. Which means get on that NOW if you want to eat two burgers for the price of one.

BurgerFi — Scoop up a $5 BurgerFi double cheeseburger when you order in store. This is a one-burger-per-customer deal!

BurgerIM — Free fries and a drink with the purchase of any Burgerim burger today only. Not a free burger, BurgerIM expects you to show your burger appreciation by paying for it!

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