Feds: The Polar Bears Are Dying Off, And Climate Change Is The Killer

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01.09.17 6 Comments

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The Arctic ice cap is at an all time low. Due to an especially warm winter there’s 28 percent less ice this year than last year. And besides causing more erratic weather patterns around the world, the melting ice is slowly putting the remaining polar bear population up against the ropes.

The US Fish And Wildlife Service released a report today that paints a very grim picture for the future of polar bears. The organizations estimates the population at 26,000 total animals worldwide and the numbers are dropping. According to the report, there’s really only one culprit behind the decline — climate change. Because of this polar bears have officially been listed on the Endangered Species Act as “threatened” with Michael Runge of the US Geological Survey lamenting that “the future for polar bears is pretty bleak.”

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