A Lesson In Surviving ‘The Simpsons’ Most Memorable Cocktails And Improving Them For Proper Consumption

Binging with Babish chef Andrew Rea has found a lot of success recreating some of the more memorable pop culture items out there. We’ve seenthe Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction come to life and he’s even taken some time to dive into the many tasty burgers that are described on Bob’s Burgers. Now it seems that the popularity has grown big enough that he’s got some admirers taking inspiration to create their own thing. Take Nick Fisher, for example, the guy behind Cocktail Chemistry. His new videos take a few cues from Rea by taking a pop-culture item and recreating it.

Where Babish deals with food, Recreated is focusing on drinks and cocktails from your favorite shows and movies. The first makes the fine choice of tackling The Simpsons and a few of the drinks that Homer Simpson has created over the years — namely the Flaming Homer. What Fisher soon finds out is that food and drinks from cartoons don’t always translate well to the real world. Like the Flaming Homer that he attempts to create turns out to be a disgusting mix of alcohol that nobody should ever attempt to drink. It also doesn’t light on fire.

Luckily, he’s prepared to come in with his own concoctions inspired by Homer’s desperation drink and they turn out a lot better. The same might be said for the Skittlebräu, but it seems that Homer actually did a good thing there. I think the main problem with the original Flaming Homer is that Fisher didn’t use enough liquor to start. It’s a trashcan of a drink and it deserves that much liquor tossed in for good measure. It would also probably catch on fire too.

What’s the next pop-culture cocktail he should attempt? I would try to take that blue milk from Star Wars and turn it into some Blue White Russian


(Via Cocktail Chemistry)