This Guy Took Everyday Heroism To The Next Level By Rescuing A Kitten From A Busy Highway

We do not claim to be animal experts here at Uproxx, but we know enough to know that kittens belong on morning TV and in the arms of Crossfit Jesus and not on a busy Russian highway.

A harrowing bit of footage posted on (and later showcased on BuzzFeed) features the terrifying sight of a kitten trapped on an incredibly busy Kaliningrad road with vehicles zooming past the small furry animal in distress. Cars and trucks navigate their way past the cat that appeared to have fallen out of a moving SUV. It’s an uncomfortable watch as the kitten tries its best to survive, but thankfully help was on the way.

As you can see in the clip we have nestled above, one sweetheart of a motorist got out of his vehicle to rescue this lil’ cat. Voila! A scene that veered into animal snuff was turned into a story of heroism thanks to a compassionate soul that got that kitty to safety. If Russia’s booming dashcam industry has taught us anything, it’s that the streets are no place for a cat or most humans. We recommend exercising the appropriate traffic safety measures before attempting this sort of thing in your day-to-day if you ever encounter a similar situation.

(Via BuzzFeed)