A Beer Lover’s Guide To Seattle’s Best Breweries And Beer Bars


Look, there’s no way to make a list of all the great places to get tipsy on the sudsy stuff in the Seattle area without pissing off a few beer geeks. There are simply too many spots. Seattle is a straight up beer holy land for acolytes of the amber elixir. The city has the most breweries of any major city in the United States with over 175 — and that’s before you start counting bars.

Craft beer in Seattle stretches back well before the craft boom. Early brewers like Pike Brewing and Pyramid cleared a path for 90s heavy-hitters like Elysian, Mac & Jack’s. Today, new wave brewers and fresh upstarts have created an energetic, innovative scene — all carrying some piece of the rainy Pacific Northwest city’s DNA.

These are ten spots to hit right now. They all have great suds, great food, and a vibe that’s all Seattle.