It’s Time We All Learned Selfie Safety From The Russian Government

Editorial Director, Life
09.25.15 3 Comments

Earlier this week, a story on Uproxx (via Condé Nast Traveler) really resonated with readers: For all the #teamdryland hype, sharks have only been responsible for eight deaths worldwide this year — while selfies are on the hook for 12.

That means that selfies are significantly more dangerous than sharks. (Sure, not everyone goes in the ocean, but not everyone takes selfies, either.)

The act of taking a photo of oneself is particularly perilous in Russia — where deaths are out of control (Al Jazeera cites the 2015 Russian selfie death toll as “dozens,” but those numbers are tough to verify). In January, two men in the Ural Mountains blew themselves up while taking a selfie with a hand grenade. In July, a woman accidentally shot herself in the head mid-selfie (she survived).

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