This Man’s Query About A 47-Year Layover Is A Nice Reminder Of The Lighter Side Of Travel


Here at Uproxx, we love all things travel. That said, we readily admit that sometimes getting to where you’re going can be tough, what with red-eyes, delays, and overpriced airport food. Oh, and the 47-year layovers.

Had to do a double-take on that last one? So did Skyscanner customer James Lloyd, who encountered the extra long layover when he was trying to book a flight from New Zealand to London last week. Instead of trying to tweak his flight date and figure out a way around what was obviously a bug in the system, he took the problem to Skyscanner’s Facebook page.

What followed was a hilarious exchange between Lloyd and Jen, a member of Skyscanner’s Facebook team. It’s a perfect lesson to all of us in looking for lighter moments amid the frustrations of travel (and work — way to keep things light, Jen!).

Jen’s lighthearted response to Lloyd’s query earned her a lot of fans, receiving nearly 6,000 likes and a number of replies calling for her promotion within the company. Jen’s additional replies to comments on the Facebook thread are comedy gold, like her response to the customer telling her she could go home for the next 47 years:

Or her confirmation of Skyscanner’s secret plans for future time travel innovation:

There was this reply to a query about a similar-length layover in Amsterdam from a Brit:

And her suggestion that Tracy should have done a bit better in scheduling her layover in Shanghai.

She had the perfect one-liner for the suggestion that she update her resume to include the entire Facebook thread.

As well as the perfect response to a Skyscanner hater:

And then Skyscanner customer Wong Kean Wah brought Jen his own layover dilemma, which gave yet another very (very, very) long wait, this time in Sydney:

Which warranted a similar response from Jen…and a plea to tech support to actually fix the Skyscanner glitch causing the strange layovers:

While the entire hilarious thread highlighted Jen’s skills at internet humor, things ended well for Lloyd, too. And again, it was thanks in part to Jen’s hard work at customer satisfaction:

We don’t know who Jen is, but what we do know is that she deserves a raise or three — and that Skyscanner is apparently where we go on Facebook for jokes.