Photos From Songkran — The World’s Biggest Water Fight

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Last weekend, tourists and locals alike flooded the streets of Thailand to, well, literally flood the streets. Welcome to the Songkran Festival in Thailand, touted as the world’s biggest water fight! And as always, this year’s photos look insanely fun. I mean, who doesn’t want to take to the streets with water guns/buckets and soak everyone in sight?

This lovely festival rings in the Thai New Year and marks the end of the dry season for Thailand. It also takes place in (typically) the hottest month of the year, so the giant water party is a welcome relief to the oppressive temperatures that have been plaguing the cities for months.

The Songkran spirit is one of togetherness and light hearted fun. Everyone outside has to participate, and anyone from young to old is fair game (so don’t expect to go and simply observe, you’re going to get wet!). Tourists especially get targeted with large, icy buckets of water from the locals, but it’s all in good fun. There’s something incredibly freeing about knowing that you’re going to be soaking wet and a mess the entire day. Your inhibitions and any sense of pride disappear, leaving only a pure, childlike sense of joy.

So embrace the insanity and you’ll have the time of your life. The very wettest time of your life.

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