The Star Wars Cantina Will Be Real, Thanks To Disneyland


The cantina we first see in Star Wars isn’t exactly part of a magic kingdom. It’s full of ugly racial brawls, violence, drunkenness, and Han shooting first no matter what Lucas insists. But, hey, there’s nothing Disney can’t work into their theme parks, right? So the Cantina, and some other Star Wars, and even just space-themed restaurants are on the way.

Eater has a good overview of what Disney has planned for its Star Wars Lands, appearing both in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. And yes, the cantina, questionable music choices and all, will be coming to both coasts. But not only can you eat, and possibly even have a drink of blue milk there, there will be more places to spend months trying to get a reservation at:

…on a televised Disneyland 60th anniversary special, new concept art was revealed that depicts an as-of-yet-unnamed table-service restaurant. There was also mention of “an otherworldly street market” where visitors will be able to “actually [taste] the local delicacies.”

Just what those delicacies might be is an open question, but we’re assuming there will be at least some roast Ewok. If that weren’t enough, the general space theme is heading over to everybody’s favorite giant golf ball full of beer, EPCOT, with a new out-of-this-world restaurant:

At this past weekend’s D23 Expo fan convention, attendees were given a look at the new dining establishment, which has so-called views of the galaxy. The table-service restaurant, which allows guests to “travel high above the earth,” will be adjacent to Mission:SPACE, a shuttle simulator attraction that is also set to be updated.

Since this eatery is tired to Mission: SPACE, which hands out barf bags, maybe take that ride first (plus, it leaves more room for food). Sadly, these restos won’t be open quickly. Star Wars Land in particular is going to take a while to build and test. But soon enough you too may be able to listen to the Max Rebo Band and casually bump off a bounty hunter before taking a monk and rube to outer space. Hey, Han needs a side hustle like everyone else.

(Via Eater)