This Starbucks Barista Gets Revenge On Annoying Customers In The Most Petty And Diabolical Way Possible

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07.23.16 11 Comments

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Getting through a day at a sh*tty job is all about the little victories, bending the rules just enough so that you can stick it to the man, annoying customers or both. That’s exactly what Starbucks barista/Reddit user bemyfuse did with her absolutely diabolical method for dealing with irritating teens who order bucketloads of frappuccinos. She simply slaps their order sticker over Starbucks iconic siren logo and calls it a day.

Now some of you might be wondering: what’s so bad about that? Well, you clearly aren’t a teenage girl and your Instagram probably looks dusty. This barista knows that half the joy of a frap is posting it logo out to social media (the other half is the metric ton of sugar).

The delightfully evil, yet ultimately harmless post caught fire on Reddit, causing the barista to do a follow-up post explaining herself. She said that this isn’t an all the time thing, but a punishment for a particularly annoying group of customers.

“I don’t regularly do this like some petty b*tch. It was something I thought of at the spur of the moment because you know how rude teenagers can be especially when they come in, stare at their phones, order multiple fraps in large batches, pay in dimes, and then push together two tables and start talking loudly, which is exactly what they did,” she wrote. “Just gave me a chuckle thinking their group snapchat photos of their drinks would be only slightly less dazzling.”

Just remember this the next time you hassle a barista because they aren’t up on the latest rainbow drink trend.

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