Starbucks’ New Holiday Cup Is A Clear Response To Last Year’s Faux Outrage

Life & Culture Editor
11.01.16 14 Comments

Of all the faux outrage we suffered last year, none was more ludicrous than that of the Starbucks holiday cup. If you don’t remember that saga — and blocking this bit of idiocy from your mind is a solid choice — it went a little something like this: Starbucks debuted a red cup, conservatives decided it wasn’t “Christmassy” enough, the media blew it up, and everyone promptly lost their minds. But this year, things are going to be different!

Today, Starbucks premiered a completely new holiday cup (along with their holiday menu, which we’ll get to momentarily) that’s probably going to earn both accolades and more idiotic criticism. That’s because the cup is even less Christmassy than before. Instead of snowflakes and Santas and reindeer and sleigh bells on a red background, this year’s cup is green and is covered by line drawings of people of all types. There’s a white dot in the center of the cup (that’s as close as we’re getting to snowflakes), but the message here isn’t Christmas — it’s diversity and community.

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