Starbucks Is Quietly Testing A New Frappuccino Recipe


Starbuck’s has given us Frankenstein-like drinks, they’ve taken our (apparently) precious plastic straws away and forced us all to drink through sippy-cups, and they’ve failed to put Santa or Baby Jesus or God on a cup and stirred endless fake outrage. Know this: if Starbucks has done something, someone on the internet is bound to have complained about it. But they may have finally done something that doesn’t result in the internet getting all up in arms, and frankly it’s shocking they haven’t tried this before. In 600 stores across California, Missouri, and Rhode Island Starbucks is currently testing new Frappuccino recipes containing less sugar.

CNN reports that the new reduced sugar recipe cuts about 50 calories and 18 grams of sugar, and is being given to customers automatically at select stores when they order a Frappuccino. Their thinking is customers won’t notice a difference, and since the Frappuccino has dropped in popularity in recent years, as customers have become more health conscious, it’ll be a welcome change that might make more people consider indulging in the sugary blended treat.

In addition to new Frappuccino recipes, Starbucks has also altered their latte recipe. Now lattes will be served with more milk, ditching the sugary syrup from their flavored pumps, enabling customers to order stronger doses of flavoring without upping the sugar content of their drinks. The new lattes will still contain roughly the same amount of sugar and calories, but this minor tweak to their recipe is a welcome change that puts more customization into your hands, making you the bane of whoever is doing the work-shift Starbucks run.