Our ‘Stranger Things 2’ Drinking Game Is Here To Power Your Binge Watch


Halloween has arrived, right alongside the second installment of Netflix’s smash show Stranger Things. That means it is time for some binging (if you haven’t already, that is).

To go along with your binging parties this week, we’ve come up with some hard and fast drinking game rules. Come on, it’s Halloween and there’s a new season of Stranger Things to watch. We may as well be drinking “pure fuel” to get us through that binge.


These rules are followed at your own peril. Make sure to have plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated. You’re going to need some light beer, Schlitz, schnapps, whiskey, Imperial Stout, and a few cocktail ingredients.

A sip is a sip, not a chug or even a full drink. You’re going to want to pace yourself. When we say drink x, y, or z drink, we mean, make yourself one and drink it at a normal pace. ‘Waterfall’ means everyone drinks together starting and ending with the person who calls out the scene.

Be warned, slight spoilers ahead.


Cleric Round

Take a sip of a Zombie cocktail every time someone calls Will “Zombie Boy.”

Take a shot of a dark Imperial Stout every time Will sees the Upside Down.

Take a drink of water every time Will is knocked out.

Bard Round

Take a drink of beer every time Dustin says ‘Demodog.’

Drink one Eye Of The Tiger cocktail whenever Dusty purrs while showing off his pearly whites.

Take a shot of your choice (because you’re an adult) every time Dustin has to be the adult in the room, emotionally speaking.

Ranger Round

Take a sip of your drink every time Lucas’ sister gives him shit.

Waterfall when Lucas puts on his camouflage bandana.

Finish your drink when Lucas has his first kiss.

Paladin Round

Take a drink of beer every time Mike yells at someone.

Finish your drink every time Mike smiles knowingly.

Take a shot of peach schnapps when Mike tries to fight Hopper.

Mage Round

Take a shot of your choice every time Eleven/Jane opens or closes a door with her mind.

Waterfall every time Mike and Eleven/Jane reunite.

Take a drink of Coca-Cola every time Eggos are mentioned or appear on screen.

Zoomer Round

Take a drink of light beer every time Max gets into her skeevy step brother Billy’s Chevy Camaro.

Take a sip of your drink every time Max rolls her eyes at Lucas or Dustin.

Everybody finish your drink when Max finally stands up to Billy.

The Upside Down Rule

Take a big swig of dark Imperial Stout every time someone (or a group) enters the Upside Down (because shit’s about to get real).

The Bob Rule

Take a drink of a Shirley Temple every time Bob refers to himself by his name or some variation thereof.

The Nancy and Jonathan Rule

Take a swig of Stolichnaya every time Nancy and Jonathan awkwardly avert their eyes from each other. Make sure to chase it with some bottled water.

The Steve Rule

Take a drink of light beer every time Steve touches or talks about hair.

The Chief Hopper Rule

Take a swig of Schlitz (or Hopper IPA) every time Hopper talks about “rules.”

Mind Bullet Extras

Take a drink of light beer every time Billy listens to ’80s hair metal.

Take two shots with a Gatorade chaser whenever someone says, “Pure Fuel.”

Grab a bottle of water and sit out a couple of rounds when the “Pure Fuel!” kid hurls.

Waterfall every time someone uses Aunt Jemima Syrup.

Shotgun a Schlitz when Chief Hopper dances.

There it is friends — stay hydrated and call a cab. Also, be sure to add your own rules and provisos in the comments!