Get Lost In The ‘Upside Down’ At The Stranger Things Pop-Up Bar

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Pop-up bar culture is firing up pop culture all over America lately. We’ve had an amazing Game of Thrones pop-up transport us to the land of Ice and Fire. And, now, we can take a trip to the place where hair-dryers know no bounds — Stranger Things’ Hawkins, Indiana.

The Stranger Things pop-up is aptly called ‘The Upside Down’ and opened this weekend in Logan Square, Chicago at Emporium (they famously run a sweet video arcade bar as well). The bar is being touted as “the end of Summer 80’s dance party of your dreams,” according to Emporium’s website. The space has been decked out with Joyce Byer’s alphabet Christmas light wall, Castle Byers, and a legit Upside Down with furniture on the ceiling. The Upside Down bar is developing as it goes with special bar menus, art installations, and musical guests being announced through Emporium’s The Upside Down Instagram page.

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So far the drink menu looks pretty rad. There’s even a cocktail called “Eleven’s Eggos” which is a slushy concoction with a sweet wedge of Eggo waffle as a garnish. We’re totally down for that. Another winning cocktail is the Demogorgon — which combines over-proof rum, blood orange, allspice, and lime. It sounds devilishly good. Of course, there’ll be plenty of boxes of Eggo’s waffles on hand for all those late-night, alcohol-fueled munchies.

The bar opened over the last weekend and will carry on through the end of September. Hopefully, a trip to a boozy Upside Down will keep us from jonesing too hard until the October 27th premiere of the next season of Stranger Things.

More photos from ‘The Upside Down:’

welcome to the wonderfully strange world of The Upside Down! 🙃

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Sunday Strangeday… all friends welcome! Castle Byers is open 12p-2a!💡

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Stranger Things themed bar… They were all out of the slushie topped with Eggos.

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First Stop: the Stranger Things bar! #theupsidedown #mouthbreather #byerscastle

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