If You Missed The Super Blue Blood Moon, These Instagram Images Will Soothe Your Regret

The moon was full on set trippin’ in the wee hours of the morning today, and only those who had to be up early or those who were willing to sacrifice a couple of hours of precious sleep were able to see the spectacle. This was the first “super blue blood moon” visible in 152 years, making it literally a once in a lifetime cosmic event (for people getting on in years, at least — the next one is 2037).

A supermoon is a “phenomenon whereby the moon appears particularly large in the sky owing to the coincidence of its closest approach to the earth with a full (or new) moon.” That just means the moon looks really big because it’s really close to the earth. A blood moon is a lunar eclipse — in which the moon takes on a reddish color because of the way the moon is illuminated by sunlight which has been filtered and passed through the earth’s atmosphere. And finally, the blue moon describes the second full moon within a full calendar month, which doesn’t happen as often as one may think.

The view is pretty cool from the ground, but those who had telescopes, binoculars, and other stargazing tools saw it best. There were some pretty cool Instagram photos, as well, but tbh, it looks like if you’ve seen one super blue blood moon, you’ve seen ’em all.

Unless you had a fancy camera or took the photo from one of many live streams that featured the cosmic events, your Instagram photos were not spectacular, and you were forced to enjoy the moon without posting your experience, as unheard of as that may be in this age.

On Twitter, where people are always down to complain, the whole event was much ado about nothing.

Our takeaway: Whether you’re a stargazer, astronomer, or astrologer, what’s going on in the heavens can be pretty interesting. Waking up early would have been well worth it and FOMO is very real.

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