Super Mario Cereal Will Make All Your Puffed Corn Fantasies Come True

Cereal lovers of the world rejoice! It’s-a me, Mario, here to tell you about my new cereal.

No, just kidding, I’m not a lovable scamp-cum-hero who gets into wacky adventures, drives go-karts like a professional racer, and regularly interrupts plans for Bowser’s dream wedding. But never fear, the news is still good: Kellogg’s and Nintendo announced today that a Super Mario Cereal will hit the shelves on Dec. 11 in order to celebrate the release of Super Mario Odyssey, which is, as of now, Amazon’s best-selling video game of 2017.

Isn’t that just (Princess) peach-y?

For everyone from regular ol’ cereal enthusiasts to special edition cereal collectors — which is a very real phenomenon — the news is exciting, of course. But even fans who aren’t geeking out over the news should think of picking up a box. Why? The new Super Mario Cereal is also an Amiibo, which means you can tap the box and receive coins or a gold heart in the new Super Mario Odyssey game.

I would assume, from anecdotal experience, that a venn diagram of kids’ cereal lovers and Mario enthusiasts would be more like just one circle. Because, honestly, there’s nothing better than a nice bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to enjoy in between rounds of Mario Kart battles and now, with the latest addition to the Mario family, in between collecting power moons.

And if Twitter is any indication, people are excited, to say the least, further strengthening my Mario-fans-love-kids’-cereal theory.

But sorry, U.K. According to Kellogg’s, you’ll have to wait. Bummer, old chaps.

Seems like Australia is out of luck, too, though that hasn’t stopped one person from trying to change that. After all, in order to make the world a better place, you need to be the change, right? …Guys, right?

For those on the prowl, make sure you have your Koopa shells ready, in case you have to take out any other enterprising Mario fans in the cereal aisle.