Taco Bell’s New Cheetos Quesadillas May Just Be What We Need This Christmas

11.29.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

Shutterstock/Taco Bell

If there’s one thing we all hate (and this is everyone), it’s the fact that enjoying Cheetos, like enjoying anything with glitter on it, comes at an exceedingly high cost. But Taco Bell, which has already put Cheetos in both its burritos and sliders understands the anguish you feel when that horrible orange dust gets in every crack and crevice (even when you’ve only had one single, solitary Cheeto) and has created yet another way for you to enjoy your artificially-colored corn snacks handsfree!

World, meet the Cheetos quesadilla! Well, okay, maybe not world, but at least the Philippines (for now), where these cheese and cheeto-filled holy abominations are available for a limited time.

According to people on social media — WHO SHOULD ALWAYS BE TRUSTED — these things don’t just look good, they’re delicious:

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