This Import Street Car Team Takes Their Rides To The Next Level

“This TEAM is not just another car club or crew, but a special family of friends.” – James Lin, Team Hybrid

Team Hybrid builds their reputation on a ‘hybrid’ mentality — vehicles that are one part race, one part street, and one part show. The team’s bold vision and cohesive leadership have made its members famous worldwide. We’re talking about a lot more than just custom interiors and a lick of paint here. Full custom blocks, fuel and nitrous injections, wheels, transmissions, and more make these cars the top of their class and the freshest on the streets.

How good are these guys? They’ve shown up at SEMA’s Scion Challenge — that’s the customizing and import industry trade show out in Vegas — and won two years in a row. Team Hybrid has been invited back to defend their title for a third straight year, making them the only team to ever receive that honor. They’ve also taken home team trophies in the Hot Import Nights and Import Showoff competition — four years running. Those are hard earned accolades for a hard working team.

Over the years, the Hybrid crew has been recognized and honored in car magazines (they actually hold the record for most import team articles in Performance and Sound), trade shows, and performance shows around the world. And it all comes back to the team, the family of friends that devote their time and effort into making some of the dopest imports with some of the biggest sponsors on the roads of Southern California.

In their own words, “by providing the team with goals to strive for, each member spends countless hours of time, effort, and dedication to show love (aka ‘Hybrid Luv’) and our purpose. It’s not just about winning a show or a race here or there, it’s about getting there as a team.” Those are some pretty good words to live and race by.

Check out some of Team Hybrid’s rides below: