You Can Bug The Cast Of ‘The Walking Dead’ About Who Negan Killed For A Good Cause

The end of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season was punctuated by fans crying foul at what was perceived as one of the most blatant and infuriating cliffhangers in TV history. Who was Negan going to kill? It’s the question that’s been asked for nearly six months, and on October 23rd, we’ll finally find out who Lucille offed. But maybe, if you’re lucky, you can find out sooner and benefit a good cause at the same time.

People who donate to Haiti Air Ambulance, a non-profit that provides disaster relief in Haiti, will be entered into a drawing to attend New York Comic Con, which goes down October sixth through ninth. That’s weeks before The Walking Dead season 7 debuts and Negan’s bat comes down to end someone’s TV existence.

So that gives you plenty of time and access to guilt the cast into giving you some of that sweet season 7 info. How could they deny a philanthropist? Someone who has done a great thing for Haiti and has shown a caring heart to people in need? They might as well bust out a quick non-disclosure agreement then spill the beans.

Think about it — you could be privy to the most exciting information in TV-land and have that warm feeling about you, knowing you provided someone needed care.

It’s a win-win.