The Annual ‘Quality Of Life’ Study Tells Us The Best Cities On Earth

and 03.18.19 3 months ago

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No matter how awesome the city you live in is, there’s always going to be a downside. A frustration that is dreadful enough to make you consider ditching it for a “better” place. Driving in LA, winter in Chicago, a crowded New York subway in the summer (which is bad enough to make you question why cities are a thing we choose to live in at all) — these challenges seem to make your daily life a little worse. You begin to wonder, “Is there a unicorn-like city out there that’s perfect for me?”

Thanks to Mercer’s annual ranking of cities with the best quality of life, we now know which metropolises might really be almost perfect. They’ve used rigorous metrics to identify the best cities to live in worldwide and *SPOILER* an American city didn’t even make the top 30. As a little background, Mercer is a global consulting company that analyzes health, wealth, and career solutions. Their annual ranking on the quality of life of cities worldwide is determined by 10 factors which include a city’s recreational opportunities, housing, economic environment, consumer goods availability, public services and transport, natural environment, social-cultural environment, education, health care, and a city and country’s political and social environment.

Just reading those factors seems to explain why American cities aren’t ranking highly. So get your work visas ready and start planning an escape. Here are the top ten most liveable cities on earth!

10. Basel, Switzerland

If you’ve ever been to Art Basel in Miami then you have this beautiful little city to thank — the art fair originated there and then added global locations. Along with great culture, Basel has an amazing beer and food scene, and with 300 days of sun a year, it’s a great place to stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder and the cheery vibes are literally palpable on the street.

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