T-Pain Experiences The Sauce Slathered Agony Of The ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge

We don’t want to see T-Pain in a fit of agony, but an exception can be made for sauce-slathered pain. That’s good torturous fun for the whole family!

The “Officially Yours” tune vendor sacrificed his mouth for the sake of First We Feast’s notorious Hot Ones Challenge. For those unfamiliar, here’s your bluffer’s guide. A celebrity (our betters!) pops by for an interview where they field questions from host Sean Evans and eat insanely hot wings that reach terrifying heights on the Scoville scale. That’s bad news for the guest’s innards, but it makes for a much more compelling (and sweaty) brand of interview than the average chat show. T-Pain knew this going in. The dude’s watched every episode and the game film still can’t save him from a torched mouth.

“I was like, ‘I can do this'”, explains T-Pain of his mindset in the challenge. “No. No. Now I look like a goddamn little girl lost in Walmart.”

In addition to facing the horrors of Da Bomb and Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage, T-Pain also talked about partying with Dan Bilzerian, his own dining philosophy and the extremely weird sh*t that’s gone down at his haunted home. Did we mention that there’s a story about taking Jesse McCartney out to a strip club nestled in the proceedings? That’s the sort of thing we should be mentioning.

(Via First We Feast)