Feast Your Eyes On Action Bronson Eating Insanely Hot Chicken Wings And Dishing On The Chef Game

Mouth-scorching sauce may have f*cked with his high, but Bronsolino emerged from the Hot Ones challenge a little sweaty, but ultimately unscathed.

Rapper/chef/de facto security service Action Bronson is the latest celebrity to go toe-to-toe with First We Feast’s infamous interview segment, which is an online hangout where poor souls scarf down ridiculous hot wings and answer assorted questions about their careers. Unlike other folks (howdy Bobby Lee!) that have attempted this trade of self-harm for self-promotion, Bronson doesn’t seem to be in the usual bit of agony that comes from doing the Hot Ones thing. Heck, host Sean Evans comes across like he’s being lapped by the “Barry Horowitz” MC.

In addition to seeing an increasingly sweaty Bronson eating wings, there’s also a fair bit of interesting chat in this back-n-forth. Tucked into the proceedings are Mr. Wonderful’s ranking of cooking-show luminaries, a discussion about why he always seems to be knocking stage crashers, and a vape pen recharge. Seeing as the rapper put in an impressive showing with his hot wing intake, it’s hard to argue with the results of that decision. Anyway, it’s fun, it’s informative and there’s chicken being eaten. What more do you want at the moment?

(Via First We Feast)