Take A Look At The Most Popular Travel Destinations For Summer 2017


This is the era of experiences over things. Rather than buying fancy cars or starter houses or even paying off loans, young people want to travel. They want to see and touch and taste the world. The want to dash off to far-flung corners of the globe. Above all, they want to feel alive.

In a very non-shocking revelation, summer travel is set to increase this year by up to 26%, according to American Express Travel customer data. There are all sorts of flaws to trusting these numbers (because not everyone has a credit card and many of those same people don’t travel, etc.), but the company certainly has a large sample size to pull from. This year they’re seeing a huge increase in interest in the off-the-beaten-track destinations. Iceland is finally off the hot list as travelers explore further afield for their adventures.

We’ve parsed the data from American Express Travel down to their top ten destinations for 2017 summer travel. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you to hit someplace new this year. Or at least guide that wonderful process of picking and choosing where to go. Will it be beaches or cities? Europe or SE Asia? Surfing in Mexico or Heli-hiking in Canada?

It’s all up to you. We just urge you to go somewhere!


Israel is a tiny country that’s easy to traverse with a great food scene and rich history. From the idyllic beaches of the Mediterranean to the striking vistas of the Dead Sea; from the highland vineyards to the sandy dunes; and from the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv to the ancient pathways of Jerusalem — Israel will inspire you and deepen your worldview.


Nestled in Scotland’s southwestern corner, Glasgow is the gateway to the majestic Highlands, the windswept islands, and picturesque lochs. The food scene is stellar, the architecture is unique and stark, and there’s whisky … lots of whisky.

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In Mumbai you’ll find remnants of Victorian rule next to Art-Deco cinemas, and modern high-rises next to slums built with corrugated tin. The massive city is full of life, color, and food experiences, you just have to be patient enough to explore.


Ixtapa is an old-school Mexican resort town on the Pacific. It’s world-renowned for high-rise resorts stretching to the horizon on the iconic El Palmar Beach and a bar scene that’s non-stop. Travel just a little north and south on the coast and you’ll be able to find a little slice of paradise all to yourself. It’s the best of the both worlds — backpacker’s party paradise in the middle surrounded by pure, unplugged escapism.

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There’s plenty of magic left in the souks, alleys, riads, and mosques peppered throughout the ancient imperial city. Find yourself an old riad in a crumbling French maison to sleep in, then wander the alleys until you find a nice cafe to while away the afternoon drinking strong mint tea and smoking a little local hash before uncovering some seriously good food at a night souk. You won’t be disappointed.


Croatia’s southern coast has gotten a lot of attention over the last decade or so — and with good reason, it’s gorgeous. Now it seems northern Croatia is finally getting a little love from tourists too. The capital city is a blend of the modern with neo-classical Austro-Hungarian flare. Cafes line cobbled streets, bars pop up in alleys, and the food is stellar. It’s Zagreb’s time to shine.

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As if any of us needed another reason to go to Italy this summer, Costa Smeralda on the isle of Sardinia should be that reason. The beach town does get pretty busy with local and foreign tourists in the know because of the amazing natural beauty and a smorgasbord of local foods. But, just as in Ixtapa, head a little away from the tourist center and you’ll be in a picturesque world all on your own — with empty beaches, warm seas, and plenty of seafood and wine.


Interest in Vietnam seems to be a pretty standard staple in modern tourism. The country is a spectacular corner of the world. Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam’s southern reaches, is a bustling city that still holds a lot of its French influences on the surface. Including fresh baguettes filling the streets in the morning which in turn fuels the Bahn Mi sandwich stalls all day. A delicious Bahn Mi washed down with an ice cold Saigon beer while overlooking the Mekong is a good way to spend any afternoon.


Spain is a wonderland of food, architecture, history, and tourism. There’s so much to see, so many cities to enjoy, so much food to eat, so much wine to drink. And it seems Bilbao is piquing people’s interest this year. The northern Spanish city is loaded with post-modern architecture sitting on a river across from 19th-century neo-baroque buildings where little cafes dispense pinchos — bite-sized morsels of amazing local food — and plenty of wine and beer is ready to be drunk day and night. It’s a great city to meander through this summer.


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According to data, it’s the Maldives that have shown the greatest increase in interest this summer for travelers. It’s a literal paradise of atolls stretched like pearls across the Indian Ocean with a wholly unique culture and feel. Maldives also offers options — you can live the resort life hashtagging selfies all day on painfully beautiful beaches or you can swim out to deserted atolls and unplug from the world for as long as you need.

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