Take A Look At The Most Popular Travel Destinations For Summer 2017

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06.14.17 4 Comments


This is the era of experiences over things. Rather than buying fancy cars or starter houses or even paying off loans, young people want to travel. They want to see and touch and taste the world. The want to dash off to far-flung corners of the globe. Above all, they want to feel alive.

In a very non-shocking revelation, summer travel is set to increase this year by up to 26%, according to American Express Travel customer data. There are all sorts of flaws to trusting these numbers (because not everyone has a credit card and many of those same people don’t travel, etc.), but the company certainly has a large sample size to pull from. This year they’re seeing a huge increase in interest in the off-the-beaten-track destinations. Iceland is finally off the hot list as travelers explore further afield for their adventures.

We’ve parsed the data from American Express Travel down to their top ten destinations for 2017 summer travel. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you to hit someplace new this year. Or at least guide that wonderful process of picking and choosing where to go. Will it be beaches or cities? Europe or SE Asia? Surfing in Mexico or Heli-hiking in Canada?

It’s all up to you. We just urge you to go somewhere!


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