These Countries Have The Best Food On Earth, According To The Masses

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05.26.17 5 Comments


Who has the best food in the world? That’s a question full of beehives begging to be punched. How many arguments have started over whether Spain or Italy has the better olives? India or China the better rice? Mexico or Brazil the better stewed meats? Then where do you draw the lines? Some countries are so massive they contain regions with fully disparate food cultures. But there has to be a best, right? Right?

Over at Ranker they asked, “Which country has the best food?” And, ho boy, was there a reaction. 268,000 votes later, a top ten emerged with some heavy-hitting culinary cultures scoring solid rankings, along with a few surprises breaking into the top ten. Vietnam and America ranked eleventh and twelfth respectively. The UK ended up at 21st (ouch!) and Brazil languished in the mid-30s while Australia landed at a paltry 49th. Which, let us introduce you to a meat pie because that alone deserves better than 49th.

That’s a thing of beauty right there.(The Aussies also got ripped off on “best beaches” — who did they piss off over in the Ranker community?)

Okay, let’s jump in.

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