Poll: Democrats Would Absolutely Trade Alcohol For Trump’s Impeachment

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It’s no secret Donald Trump does not enjoy high popularity. He’s gone from the most unpopular President-elect in recent memory to sinking well below even Obama’s lowest point. It’s enough to drive anybody to drink, but it turns out a surprisingly high number of Democrats would give up the sauce for good to see Trump impeached.

Detox.Net ran a survey (of over 1,000 people) to see just what people would give up alcohol to achieve. The results were somewhat surprising results: Apparently most of us value booze over the cure for cancer and men are more willing to ditch alcohol to save the world than women are. But when it came to Trump, surprises stopped. A whopping 73% of self-identified Democrats would give up beer and cocktails for the rest of their lives to see Trump impeached. Republicans, however, weren’t as willing to surrender their booze. When asked if doing so would stop negative media reports on Trump, only 30% said they’d do so. (That said, 17 percent of Republicans would give up drinking if Trump were impeached.)

To be fair, some of those Democrats might be thinking off switching to something else since marijuana is becoming legal across the country. Still, giving up alcohol for the rest of your life is a fairly big step to take, especially since there’s plenty more about politics that makes us all want to drink.

(Via The Hill)