The Sale Of Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In Vegas And Stoners Are Lining Up To Get It

July 1st marked the first day of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada and the celebration was punctuated by green fireworks and long lines that took hours to get through.

At midnight, the first sale of Nevada’s legal weed went to State Senator Tick Segerblom, called “the godfather of the marijuana movement in Nevada,” Segerblom explained that sales of recreational pot would generate at least $60 million in revenue for the state in the next two years. “Every time you buy something here, 33-cents is going to taxes. This is the most heavily taxed and regulated industry in the whole state.” Lawmakers are pleased and visitors and residents are clearly excited.

Beyond the long lines and fireworks, a couple was married in a marijuana greenhouse, which could be a new side-hustle for the marijuana industry as it embraces the norms of Vegas. All they need now is an Elvis impersonator in a sequined suit covered in marijuana leaves.

Still, despite the legalization of recreational weed, Vegas isn’t going to be trading in its three-foot tall margz for three-foot tall blunts. All dispensaries are required to be off the main strip and possession is for personal, in-home use only. Toking in public will bring a $600 fine, and no, you can’t smoke in your hotel room.

That said, the legally ambiguous munching of edibles in a hotel room will be difficult to enforce. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, after all.

(Via CNN)