A Visual Tour Of The ‘Best Value Destinations’ Of 2018

02.21.18 1 year ago


Traveling to exotic destinations can be a life-changing experience. The memories you make while trekking the world with friends and family will last you far longer than a flatscreen. On top of just getting to see new places, travel can also immerse you in a culture you might not otherwise have ever had a chance to understand. It’s truly transformative.

The only problem is — unless you have a limitless supply of cash — your options can sometimes feel limited. Plane tickets across vast oceans will slice into your budget (unless you can get a hot deal). Hotels seem to be getting more and more expensive every passing year. Plus, once you’re on the ground, you still have to pay for food and drinks and excursions. What’s the point of going somewhere just to eat granola bars?

The money adds up quickly. Luckily, the fine folks at Lonely Planet are here to help with their “Best Value Destinations To Visit In 2018.” Check the top ten out below.

Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Estonia might not seem like your dream vacation. But, the largest city in the country, situated on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, is full of breathtaking medieval architecture as well as museums, cathedrals, markets, and restaurants.

The best part is this city-on-the-cusp is easy to get to with cheap flights from Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Riga, and many other European capitals.

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