Take This Visual Tour Of The Most Romantic Places On Earth To Propose

Wedding season is just getting started, but before every humiliating best man/maid of honor speech and magical first dance comes the heart-melting proposal. So where should you pop the question? If your favorite restaurant is all booked up, Adele isn’t available, and the horse-drawn carriage you planned to rent took off, we have a few other ideas for you. Plan to get down on one knee in any of these destinations and you’ll definitely get some. Not as much as this guy — who secretly (scarily) asked his girlfriend to marry him every day for a year — but probably like half that much.

Today, we’re taking a visual tour of Travel & Leisure’s top ten places to say “Yes,” or better yet, “Yes!!!!!” You only get to do this once (not true), so do it right (still worth attempting)!


The Pont Neuf, Paris

Paris is grossly romantic and this bridge was built in 1578, so there is no way she’ll say anything by OUI!

The Waipi’o Valley (Valley of the Kings), Hawaii

This spot is a proposal and a honeymoon all in one. Whatever you do, take a page out of Gollum’s book and don’t drop the ring!


Overlooking Big Sur, California

Big Sur has some of the country’s most breathtaking ocean views. To reiterate, DO NOT drop the ring.

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Overlooking the Pitons in St. Lucia

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You can see this 3,000 feet tall volcanic bad-boys from almost anywhere on the island, so get creative. Also, it feels like we used up our Gollum references too early.

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Bora Bora, Tahiti

Honestly, forget the proposal. If you can make this happen, we’re as good as married. Warning, Bieber’s penis has been known to make an appearance in these parts — that may help or hurt your cause, depending on a whole host of other factors.

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Overlooking the lagoon in Venice

For some reason, the best proposals always include either water or 60 stories between you and the ground. Or both (go big or don’t buy into the marriage scam in the first place).


Overlooking Central Park

If you’re a city lover, a proposal in Central Park may very well be your jam. Also, if you live in NYC, rent out someone’s bathtub as a bed, and don’t own a car.


A Hot-Air Balloon Ride Above the Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa

This is more “the adventure of a lifetime,” and less just a place to propose. It’s the circle of life. It moves us all.

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The Maasai Mara summed up in a single photo.

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A Deserted Sand Spit in Fiji

If you take nothing else from this whole proposal pitch, follow this next user on Instagram. His photos speak for themselves. Maybe he’s available for marriage?


Hyams Beach, Australia

Depending on your idea of romance, Hyams Beach may be the perfect blend of white sand and ocean breeze.

Whatever you do, your partner is going to love it. Probably. Maybe not. We don’t know your partner. But if he or she doesn’t, at least you’ll be somewhere cool when things go awry, right? Right.